The POD system supports businesses entering new markets in Southern and Eastern Asia

International Trade using the POD system

The POD system allows for a soft approach  to entering the Southern and Eastern Asia markets

At Hampton Venture Partners we understand a company may take many different roads to foreign trade. Some companies become fully established in their local market before making an informed decision to sell overseas, while others trade internationally because they come across an unexpected opportunity.

When you are starting out on the journey for the first time or a seasoned exporter entering a new market you require the knowledge and support from a team that is working in these areas in a bespoke and personalised manner that gives you the peace of mind that you have a professional beside you.

The POD system provides a cost-effective way to explore and enter new markets in Southern or Eastern Asia with the support of an experienced team.


Our Process to become a POD Member

Firstly, you reach out to us and we meet with you.

The purpose of this meeting is to ascertain if we are a good fit for you and vice versa as our relationship with you and your company going forward is based on integrity and trust.

From that point onwards if agreeable, we start the process.



First Step

We receive your company’s current information and future growth goals.

Business Consultation

Our experts assess your company’s real capacity for growth and the next steps to meet your expectations.

Business Launch

The project starts in phase 0 and month by month, the necessary steps to make the international expansion will be accomplished together with your company.

With our networks we manage your expansion, using the “POD” collective system allows for the included companies to pool their resources and manage their cash flow in a sustainable manner.

It is important to understand in the post-Covid pandemic a new way of conducting business has emerged and is more complex, hence having an experienced team to support you as you enter a new Market is critical for your business survival and future growth.

Future-proofing your business as an international trader.

Carbon Footprints and emissions must now be considered in any international trade engagement.

It is important to understand Hampton Venture Partners also takes into consideration your carbon credits when trading internationally and seeks ways to offset your carbon footprint. 

Trust us... you need us, regardless of who you are