Trusted Partners in building Asian engagement relationships

Connecting Investors

Hampton Venture Partners, with extensive experience in successfully concluding investment between Asia and Australasia, can offer companies guidance and advice, assist in partner due diligence and negotiations and, with many years experience living and working in Asia, can help companies wend their way through the cultural divide that is so critical to deal success.

Whilst there may be significant interest from Asia to invest in New Zealand & Australia many potential investors have only a high-level understanding of the sector in which they are interested but minimal knowledge of how to go about finding likely prospects and of the specific type and nature of opportunities that may be available. This creates difficulty in their being able to negotiate a successful outcome.

Similarly, NZ/Australian companies interested in attracting offshore investment and capital frequently have little concept as to how best to locate possible Asian investors, and lack knowledge on how they can engage and negotiate a successful outcome. It is a truism that potential overseas investors are relatively unaware of many details relating to possible investment in Australasia, whilst many companies looking for investment have little knowledge of the drivers and requirements that a possible investor is seeking.

The result is all too often a situation where both parties talk at cross purposes with a failure to conclude what could otherwise have been a successful partnership or joint venture.


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