Trusted Partners in building Asian engagement relationships

Corporate Advisory

Hampton Venture Partners can assist clients in areas such as

  • Market Research and Due Diligence
  • Assistance in establishing new operations in China, and elsewhere in Asia
  • Assist in sourcing new investment / capital and establishing banking facilities in both Australia/NZ and Asia.
  • Advise Asian investors on likely NZ opportunities and investments
  • Assistance in sourcing new investment & capital
  • Assistance and strategic guidance for existing Asian operation
  • Legal, Accounting and HR Management advisory services
  • Locating product sourcing, manufacturing & distribution experts
  • Establishing Local Representation
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Visit Services
  • Organising Business Events and Conferences

Market research undertaken by HVP has been assisting clients address the following critical questions:

  • Is your product right for the Asian market, all the while recognizing that there is no single “Asian” consumer and the market ranges from highly developed (e.g. Singapore, HK, Japan) through to countries that are still developing.
  • Will your product be affordable, will there be demand and will the route to market/demand/price relationship work for you?
  • How do “Asian” tastes differ from those at home, or in other western markets you may be familiar with?
  • Who are the possible/likely local competitors?
  • Which parts of Asia should you focus on? Asia as a whole is already too big for all but the very largest NZ & Australian companies, and therefore in many/most cases only a relatively few number of cities or regions can more than adequately supply sufficient demand.
  • Are there any particular regulatory obstacles that need to be dealt with?
  • Are there any regulatory changes afoot that may affect your operation in future?

Where appropriate, finding a suitable Asian business partner

Advice & guidance where required on exit strategies

Managing risk, logistics, and transaction costs

  • Making sure you get paid for your goods
  • Understanding the specifics of contracts, payments, differing Asian currencies and hedging

Negotiating Contracts

Keeping Your Options Open

When sourcing goods it pays to opt for more than one supplier. This will be a big help when it comes to bargaining and will also give you a backup should your first choice fail for any reason.

Supplier Short-Listing and Suitability Reports

How do you negotiate the best terms?

Quality Control

How to manage the ongoing relationship with your Asian partner/supplier

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