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International Trade And Finance

Examples of the sort of trade finance transactions, and associated activity, undertaken previously by Hampton Venture Partners are:

  • BHP exports from Australia to China (multi-billion dollar structured trade finance facilities)
  • $500m in trade facilities established for Taiwanese corporates trading with Mainland China
  • Specialised trade facilities for NZ/Australia wool exporters exporting to China (without letters of credit on a non-recourse basis)
  • Specialised trade facilities for Australasian wine exporters exporting to Asia
  • Solely arranged and financed China COFCO’s facility to import 7 million tonnes of wheat from Australia, Canada, USA, France, New Zealand and UK
  • Have arranged and led numerous senior business delegations from Asia to NZ/Australia, and similarly from Australasia into Asia and China.

A company may take many different roads to foreign trade. Some companies become fully established in their local market before making an informed decision to sell, or buy from, overseas, while others trade internationally because they come across an unexpected opportunity.

Trading internationally can delivers many benefits, starting with a better bottom line but regardless of how companies arrive at such a decision, there are a number of issues to consider before getting your product or service to an overseas market, or bringing goods in from offshore.

Ensuring that your trade finance facilities are right for your product and company is essential, and with some of Australasia’s most experienced trade finance professionals Hampton Venture Partners can assist you, whether it is vanilla trade facilities or complex structured trade financing that best suits your business and product.

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